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Sven B. Schreiber $25 for a full four hours of excellent music - instead of $42 for the individual items - surely is a nice deal! And this prog band from Chile is not one of those who think they are extraordinarily progressive, because they can create a track in 7/8 time signature. In Aisles' music, polyrhythm is such a natural thing that you hardly notice it. Moreover, epics result dynamically by the evolution of a couple of well thought out ideas, eventually growing beyond 9 minutes - not by deciding to create an epic and stuffing riffs until they fit the desired length. And finally, commercial success and critical acclaim doesn't seem to have turned the band's spontaneous inspiration into hollow ambition yet. May it remain this way for a long time! Favorite track: The Scarce Light Birth.
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ERIK VINDEM Loved this song since the first time I heard it. Also got it as the anchore at the London gig last fall. BRILLIANT Favorite track: Revolution of Light.
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Hawaii (2016)
4:45 AM (2013)
In Sudden Walks (2009)
The Yearning (2005)


released March 22, 2017



all rights reserved



With four studio albums and a career spanning eleven years, Aisles have become one South America’s most acclaimed prog act of the last decade.

Their fourth album, ‘Hawaii’ was released on July 29th, 2016 through Presagio Records.

Find all live dates and get HAWAII at www.facebook.com/Aislesproject
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Track Name: The Wharf that Holds his Vessel
"From the balcony I can see the lights of the city,
I let the breeze talk to me, and I'm not ashamed that it has caressed my tears.
Tonight the deepest of all the skies is watching me…
…Inside it is so dark, only an old brazen spear reflects a dim brightness,
I know that sort of sadness; it's a desperate craving,
Perhaps the delight of blood so long ago,
Or the breathing of the brave men who once held it."

Tears overflow
What do I do to bring back their smiles?
The wounds tinged the wide tides
What do I do to heal their skin's slices?
There was pain in their souls
There were things to sing still
There were flaws for a great regret

Who's there hesitating his dance
Is he trying to feed his growing fears?
Go there before comes between the end
Slaughter all those who couldn't hold a glimpse of beauty in their eyes
I've seen those

I share the night, my hands on humid sand
My fear, the embrace to become slight mist, mist that won't touch
So I ate the seed that bird mysteriously brought
Though inside came the world of silence

He left the wharf in a well built vessel
The bliss strengthened his rime
And far away the gods claim for his death I've heard
Sunrise raise the swell, to reach the sea sown with elms
He climbs the mast and sings out loud
Hails of blazing stones, come down straight to you
Below the streams there's a place for you to sleep on seaweeds

Sighs of pain awoke the oaths at night I cradled
I walk the wharf, my eyes glisten
I weigh anchors, the wind blows, my sail goes into the storm

The dejected ones will be destroyed, so I must endure
As all the weakness I shall loath I must grow
Somewhere outside I will revenge murdered dreams
Though somehow, I know some just linger
Beauty brought tears you thought it brought contempt
Blood's taste is sweet spilled from those hearts filled with fear

"He... he's the one, who saved my son, holds the sun"
But at night stars see him cry

Was it fair? All I dreamt died already
Without an answer, but lost I found my sword
And the sand hid an armor

...Lead your sight away.

Lyrics by Germán Vergara & Luis Vergara
Track Name: Uncertain Lights
In the darkened glow
Sharp those visions lost
Mysterious eyes
Unfairly dazed my thoughts
Born in silent dew
Anxious wait
To cover them sound though wet

And it seems
That her eyes saw the fountain's drought

The sky has an answer
In a place where the darkness grows
I set out a still night
It's the dream where I get lost

Names for unknown worlds
I hear, I walk

Where could I stay tonight
If I followed uncertain lights
Where could I stop to cry?
Will you know at least I tried?

Come toward my way
Now that time will find you
Far where the night glares
We'll meet

Mysterious eyes confused me

Sweet dreams, stay calm
Outside ...
The night will stay around me
And it's deaf and blind
The sky has an answer
In a place where the darkness crawls
The fountain has gone dry
It will not want to yield that voice

Where could I stay tonight
I must follow uncertain lights
My own world will wait and cry
While I'm not there my eyes as those
Will see in darkness...

Lyrics by Germán Vergara
Track Name: Clouds Motion
The sun is broken
I've seen the scattered forms of glass
And time is reaching
The speed of a formless demon's flight

And you've become the queen of cloudy skies
And I need brightness

Lit mad fire
The nights end sooner
And words cannot shape hands and smiles
But not a single soul will weep

Once I thrusted the walls all around me
Once I rescued, the remains of my desires

It's the whispering breeze, not me
It's the rain who strikes the blinds
And alone she left the clouds there trapped
But I was not there

Demons kill when angels die
In my head

A sense of blind quest
Will raise my instincts to spread signs
Far beyond the ocean's end

Now, now I see what this can mean
Just an odd and perturbed mind
That is no longer to try so hard
This must be the scene to surrender and hold

Lyrics by Germán, Luis, Sebastián & Rodrigo
Track Name: The Rise of the White Sun
In cold sweat sitting on this bench
Odd questions through my restless mind
Could they have seen what I've just seen?

Expressions like if nothing is wrong
It's as though, I'm in this alone
Today, the sun is shining brighter

The kids keep playing gaily on the sidewalk
As the sun touches them with its rays
See their small shapes, burning fiercely

Now this seems the end
Of my sanity and normal world
My eyes feel broken inside
And the light is turning harmful

I start breaking away
From the normal shades of things
On the street I see bleached faces
And their expressions can't be seen

It's burning outside
Is it so hard to make you see?
Life should be a race to be faced again
Now my race has sunk in fears... in fear

Let me wail and cry!
No matter how you soak your eyes!
Could I prevent this fate?
Just hear the men that were born blind
Be your own night

The sun has hidden now
And through my window pane
The night's a paint of glassy tones
I'll stay outside until sunrise

I'm walking inside
Haunted fields I never reach
Is the night enhancing my sight?
Just a faint moon shone on me

There are tears in my eyes
Are they streams of misty winds
I will see the woods moving slightly
And so the leaves will dance with me...

...The night is here

Lyrics by Luis Vergara
Track Name: The Shrill Voice
I've seen the dirt
Climbing the stairways
The wind lies ill
For it touched their faces

You starved man
The air should not be shared
You're lonesome
You're filled with disgust

"Is his unshakable decrepit trait
Which makes me speak to you gravedigger
"Oh! save his body from the obscure..."
And like a doll in a tyrannical child play, tie his hands and pull him along
Drag him night after night over the old streets of this city
He will start to lose his features, they'll remain on the filthiness of the ground
His flesh will spread in pieces and he will wear himself out
On the very same street he wandered so blind for many years
He never looked beyond those narrow alleys..."

... Out in the forest there's a wolf who looks its kind with distrust...

Face the landslide
The lightning's heat
"A herd of wolves is here
Brought a weapon for me"
Rest above the cliffs, walk the steep
Swim the swamp and mud
Yield the shrill voice...

Die high, blood bathe me
The night cries the time's farewell
You starved wolf, you're wandering alone
You're lonesome, you're filled with disgust

Eat my flesh you'll need it...

Lyrics by Germán Vergara & Luis Vergara
Track Name: The Scarce Light Birth
Once so long ago some things were born
The night when her eyes met the light
Was so vast the world that was there before
And so much would stay in the dark

Oh no, she would grow so bright and so different
She'd not gleam in a world so numb to see glitter
She was so used to the scarce light birth at late hours
And thought of whom beyond the breeze was crying those dreams

All the forms that I touched, then the distance called
The colors were strong, but so strangely cold
Where reason blurred my sight absurd were the aims
And the way to be followed was for me alone

To nightly forms I had talked, "my name have you called"

"So when she dried her tears
The remote was changed for nearby
Outside among the trees not feeling cold her naked feet
She sang to all around but cried for her dress was blue
Her lucid dreams thrown to the sea while she fell in profound sleep"

The silence of pieces and fragments
And the wind I evoked would let my voice vanish
Time was reduced as those long aisles
Untiring strides will take me so far beyond forsaken streets
I'll go through the road that leads to you

Somewhere even if fainter, I thought
"Prolong my minutes, embrace a lie that means all"

"So when the rain had come to fill all the empty gaps
She was then gone, sharp broken glass was going to bite her lacking arms
She couldn't see the light, nor anyone heaving sighs, saw a million sparks ascending high
Become part of someone's sky"

He'd be lost and looking for what was not to be explained or justified
He knew it wasn't given to everybody but ignored that if it had reached him "it" meant all
In the meantime he'd walk...

Lyrics by Germán Vergara
Track Name: Grey
I've drawn near the night,
Though my sight was soaring
There is less of me every dawn,
You won't find me,
The oceans yearn for my flight.

I glimpsed the farthest way
Clear through a paling grey
In my dreams.

Drowsy, following the dusk
Brief, frail, slight
I'm fainting
Will you wait until I'm back?

And as the rains passed through
The boundaries of the night,
A presage told through ancient voices
"Behind was the unlit outspread land"

Unlit land

It wasn't really dark but I was confused,
It wasn't really far, but I was unseen,
There were stars as much as there were nights
And deeper seas.

Wisdom may find thoughts,
Thoughts may reach truth
But a thought can't hug you warm
"Cease to be"

Where light and its eternal pause
Was it going to remain?
Was it feigning loss?
So brief,
Was no longer there when I stared
"Lone me"

A grey sign has soared
Shattered the early forms
A shadow muttered low
"Never be"

Deep in the night
I hid the footprints left on my way
There's no one to mind my absence
No one to deny me
I saw them gather, hide from nightfall
Searching another's world light
I dreamed of somewhere
No one's ever dreamed of
Covered faces can't even see
What's there still inside them

Don't let the light get in my room
My dreams are all divided
My dreams are still divided

Path of gleams

And as the days
Became a grayish way of light,
And all the memories were night gleams
The last and dim enduring flight…

Lyrics by Germán Vergara & Luis Vergara
Track Name: Mariachi
Vieja - El hombre sube y crujen las escaleras, recibiéndolo crujen como tiempo
antes en que un día le dijo;

Hombre – "Tiene que ser así, nunca juntos"

Vieja - Ahora aquí a este día llega, ella no cumplirá su promesa. Abrirá la
puerta, abrirá la puerta

(En una habitación)

Hombre - Que presencia luminosa

Mujer - Es mi esqueleto, lo puse hacia fuera

Hombre - Te va bien, ¿debería yo ponerme algo?

Mujer - Ese pantalón de piel suelta y porosa, con esa camisa de canas con piel
sebosa, se ve muy bien, acércate.

Hombre - Si no fuera por tanto hueso, mi tormenta de deseos deformaría tu
carne sin sustento, una masa quedarías

Mujer - Y esa masa aún te excitaría

Hombre - Si tú allí estuvieses

Mujer - Y aún más, si tanto apretaras que como una pequeña esfera yo
quedara entre tus manos y me echas al ardiente torrente de tu boca, aún tu
placer sería inconmensurable.

Hombre - No, no me pruebes así tanto, si te quise fue a tu cuerpo y a ese algo.
Ten mejor mi sexo pronto adentro.

Mujer - ah….ah ah ah aahhh….

Hombre - Saludemos a ese extraño que salte ferviente entre nosotros y rompa
a patadas nuestros cerebros.

Vieja - Hombre bajando del quinto piso, chismean crujiendo las escaleras,
cuando se haya ido dirán; ignorante vino ignorante se va. ¿Cuándo sabrá del hijo que
tiene de ella? Ese adefesio enfermo que escondido tras la pared
escucha la voz del que es su padre.

Son los gemidos desbordantes de un subconsciente podrido, fruto de lo que
ahora es él.

¡Acompáñenme mariachis!

(En la explanada frente a la línea ferroviaria)

Vieja - El día que nadie quiso que llegara, ese día es hoy.

Se lanzó la mujer con el hijo abrazado al pecho bajo las ruedas del pesado tren
de fierro. Al llegar el hombre y ver impactado la irreconocible forma desangrada,
sin pudor se abalanzó sobre la carne y con su alma superada amó todo lo que
ahí muerto estaba, amó a su hijo sin saberlo

Para Esmeralda y su niño

Theatrical scene written and directed by Luis Vergara
Track Name: Revolution of Light
In the dawn of youth you should have told me to find myself alive
In the days when the air was bright in the skies
Before nightfall reigned I should've known that this world was built on lies
Disguised in the name of truth it survived

It's not right, no right, alright
You have made all of us fools
But sleepless minds have gathered wondrous hues tonight
In my heart there's a war we can start

I first told the old but all the pain had been withering their souls
All middle aged missed their call, dull spirits; so lost

Now I remember times when all the children were carrying secret thoughts
And they knew they would soar some day to shatter time

It's been so wrong, so long, this charade!
Enticed by reason and fright
Let's be the light let's tear down deceitful shrines
This world may wake up on fire Cos in our hearts there's a war we must start

Glistening souls arrived, then crossed the bridges and found themselves alive

For light is the fairest call
When it's dark
For light is life, the field was lit up by city fires
The winds will draw above the ashes a better sun

When youth was gone there was gloom in our faces
Now our thoughts are daring the heights
'Cos life dragged you out from your life
But you, stubborn, have now become wind fog or shine
We're few and rare, we shall stand together
We'll grab your hand if you're lonesome, just pierce the air
Your hair soaking in clouds

Lyrics by Germán Vergara
Track Name: Summer Fall
Into the summer fall
Decaying was his soul

Frail his summer
His heart won't recover

The fading sun
Has drained his life

Take his body
His faint core is dying

Damp nights crawl

Haze and light will stray from us
As our hands are torn

Time has brought the blizzard
The void is closer

Time won't hear me
The rain has stopped
Waves at night walk

My voice
May soothe their loss

This pain began one night
Quiet days gone by
I must have uttered a sigh
I had to understand
'Round the flickering fire all the silent stares
I had concealed my tears,
I pressed my arms to the ground
For I knew I was bound to… die!!

Winds have worn down this life
The void is closer

Whistling my old dreams
Rain outside tonight
I lie still, my thoughts wilt
And I'll face the dark with great eyes

All remains as bleakness and fall

It seems late for a lone cry
The mud feels so warm

There's nothing around here
To resist the gale and its wrath

How could I think this world made sense at all?
I remember her heart being so sensitive
We were right there was nothing out there above the stars
So briefly we live
Let us yield to the unseen
For no memory will linger
Where finally nothing is

Feeling the silence grow
All weakness chained his bones

In his summer
He ruled the flesh, now rotten

Late dusk devours
For truth and rest we shall burn his might in the pyre

Distant summer
So much you have forgotten

Dark and barren
The void goes on without him

Lyrics by Germán Vergara
Track Name: The Maiden
Far I hear those bells and I wake up
My eyes now slowly leave a shadow behind

So strange, white voice
Seeking, calling,
My voice

Man – "Stunning maiden,
Where's my world?"
Maiden - "The horses are waiting to take us there
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere"

I'm so lost now, never been to this land, where the silent
mountains rise
Then I said I could endlessly love her, without knowing her name,
She took my hand and slightly smiled
A castle in the chasm hides,
Upon which the bright sun soon will set,
But the steeds are fast

The seas are calling my name; they say; "hey, hey, hey, why not
just believe tonight?"
Come back, you, come back, if
you vanish now, or make it last

Maiden - "Out there there's a dark realm we must beware not to

Man – "I'm not scared now; for some reason, and I could save us
both from peril, though I've never done so"-

Late at night, in a place where hell meets the woods and the rain
Now you embrace me, and I begin to believe in the things you said
As you turn softer, as velvet
I sensed your worry,
There was a question you asked me then I did not understand

Man - "I just never had to go anywhere, why should I now?
I'll try, once more, to explain to you (look up) that nothing's real
It's strange to find our way home tonight followed by storms"-

Maiden – "Go… now; they'll hunt you down"

She hid me in a place amongst the hills where she dozed by the

"Before daybreak go" she said crying

I said that we would meet the coming day
I can't recall the way home
Woke up in my room, feeling dazed and lost

Lyrics by Germán Vergara
Track Name: Smile of Tears
Don't smile
Don't smile

Sharp's your sword
Hear the call of steel

Just smiles
Fail time

Can't you feel it's beneath your skin?

It's been alive
And it's been for so long

Is this your murder's love?

Break it down
Now break it down
You are just a craft man

Walk on the hills of the craft man
Fly forbidden cliffs by my side
Feel the inner will of this man

Thus heal

Easy now
Everything you were was torn apart

Anxious aim
No beast, no hunt can reach your restless heart

Unbeaten dweller tame all shapes I dream of


No smiles
Was the pain a deceiving sea?

No smiles
Don't smile tears

See the fall of the realm of fear

Embrace the lie
I realize
I've been a fool


Lyrics by Luis Vergara
Track Name: Hawaii
By the year 2300 the complete destruction of the earth and the extinction of the human race were inevitable. The consecution of 8 devastating wars in the course of 2 centuries prevented the colonization of other planets.

During the eighth and final war a group of scientists and philanthropists were secretly involved in a project which purpose was to preserve the human kind. 200 people were chosen for a space journey which destination was unknown. Thousands of the last remaining families were to face chemical storms, irradiation and starvation.

Tomas, part of the crew, caught a disturbing glimpse from the spacecraft a few minutes after launch; knowing it would be the last one a human being would ever have of the earth. A shroud of fire obliterated oceans and continents and the planet's hue was no longer blue but intense greyish red.

Tomas had chosen one thing to take with him; an old gramophone.

There's a star in the sky
Where I'll take you by my hand
Times will pass
And you will become mine

If you turn and I see those blue eyes

High above, we will fly
While the earth is overcast
I'll stay tonight lost in your smile

There's a star in the sky Where I'll take you by my hand
Times will pass And you will become mine
If you smile as you see a perfect sky
I'll surrender my life
Just to feel your scent and warmth

If I'm sent afar I promise to write
And we'll always meet in dreams at night
How sad we won't touch

Time, time won't be here tonight
We're going so far out

Light, light seen humanly now
We're endlessly bound

See, thoughts are tears amongst stars
They're filling the night

Time, time won't be here tonight
We're going so far out


Lyrics by Germán Vergara
Track Name: 4:45 AM
A quarter 'till five in the morning
A challenge is in my mind
I'll never let you down
I cannot fail

A sudden force, a sudden fierceness, a shot of power to my heart
The world is trying to block my path but all it does is waken an old rage

Where are my haters now?
(Everywhere, everywhere)
Are they the ones that doubted me that had no face?

They covet and fear me now

(There'smuch more, much worse)

But I am stained
And I'm not well

Cold derision, vile deception

The least that I can do is use them now

On the field on the road
All the rejection only made me stronger
And spite has been nursing my soul
Loneliness and grinding hours
I'll decipher the pain when it's over
Now time has come to end this fight
Till the last surge of blood and emotion

A moment of peace after midnight
This fight bearing down on me
But I will never let you down
I cannot fail

I can try harder, sleep less hours; I really wanna look you in your eyes
I could never take you off my mind, you're part of this. When you come back
You'll see the way things arenow

On the field on the road
All the rejection only made me stronger
And spite has been nursing my soul
Loneliness and grinding hours
I'll decipher the pain when it's over
Now time has come to end this fight
Till the last surge of blood and emotion

Lyrics by GermánVergara
Track Name: Shallow and Daft
You want everything, you got a radio show
Cos you like everything you should get out of my world

They just happen to be in love with you, in love with you
But you happen to be so dangerous
So dangerous

They are not entertained so go sell your soul
They're feeding on the waste, at least do something
I know you won't, and they're buying again now
They're buying again now
You repeat everything cos you lack your own thoughts
You're always playing old idols cos you're tasteless and worn
Still they happen to be in love with you, in love with you
And you happen to be so dangerous
So dangerous
But they'll never get this
No they'll never get this
You still don't get it

You never take risks, where they profit you go
But who the hell am I kidding? You must be proud of your shows

They just happen to be in love with you, in love with you
And you happen to be so dangerous so dangerous

They are not entertained so go and sell your soul
They're feeding on the waste at least do something
I know you won't, and you cannot regret it now
No you cannot regret it now, you cannot regret it now,
You cannot regret it now
You can't take it back

(Dj's)Good morning Los Angeles. You're listening to PopRock Radio, Home of the inmortal
stars, it's 8 oclock the hour of worship. Bow down!!

They make me program that
I don't think you understand
They speak through us

They trust what's in the air
They were not trained to doubt
They're shallow and daft

Lyrics by Germán & Sebastián Vergara
Track Name: Back my Strength
I just want back my strength
I don't need the comfort of this quiet life
I'll go back there to see what's left
Will I be forgiven?
I must have lost my chance
While time did its dance passing by me

But I won't sit here and wait there are better ways to fail
And they are far from here
The night is long and blesses him who leaves
If he leaves in tears

Naa, na na naa, na na naa…
Some things cannot be changed and I'll be cursed and loathed
But I need to kill the man I have grown
And I only hope that there's a desperate child grasping at my soul
I must get rid of my conscience

I sing this song as I leave
I can't stand the weight of its naive words
Is it purging my skin, is it purging my soul?
Or it's just more useless pain

And the ones that walked with me were hurt On the way to the far end
But I won't sit here and wail there's a better wayto mourn
And that is fighting
The night is long and blesses him who leaves if he leaves in tears

Naa, na na naa, na na naa…

I just want back my strength
I don't need the comfort of this quite life
I'll go back there to see what's left
Will I be forgiven?
I must have lost my chance
While time did its dance passing by me

But I won't sit here and wait there are better ways to fail
And they are far from here
The night is long and blesses him who flees
If he flees in tears

Lyrics by Germán Vergara
Track Name: The Sacrifice
I clear my eyes I see blurred skies
Sometimes I feel, most days I'm numb
Somewhere, someday I'll face the sea with full hands
Rain will form mud, mud will form swamps,
My feet will bleed with thorns I tread the masters will think I'm trapped

I can't decide
I can't reach out
They claim one sacrifice
Will they hear me?
The rain

Night fell, I'm hurt
Stars lead my way

Cool breeze on my face
Waves crash on my chest

Morning light revealed my footprints on the sand
As I recede from my vain life into myself
Hear me calling the names of those who brought me out here in doubt and pain

I can't decide
I can't feel now
I can't reach out
I can't hear now
I can't see now
They claim one sacrifice
Will they hear me?
The rain

Lyrics by Germán Vergara
Track Name: Sorrow
Around the fog
Below the fog
Behind the fog
Above the fog

I've been seen on their side
But I've been sober tonight
I've been seen lost at night
With fewer stars alight

Now I've got you to tell the story
And I've got you to resign to this world
And I feel all the sounds are so hollow
And I wish to dessert all this sorrow

And I feel
Complete sorrow
Complete sorrow
Utter grief strikes you
Something's so wrong
Something's so foul
Closer to the sewers

Some will fight and some will not but all will lie

Around the fog
Below the fog
Behind the fog
Above the fog

I was so hurt
I was injured
The day I was born

I've been sober
I've been sober
Now I feel something
Now I've got you to dessert all this sorrow
I reach to you to implore
Make it go
All this Grief, all the strain drives me so low
Complete sorrow, complete sorrow
Light won't pierce this fog
Times are over, times are over, times are over you

Some are fragile some are not, but all are seeking shelter

Him: You got sunlight
Her:I brought sunlight for you
Him: But it's too late
Her: Does that matter today?
Him: I've done things I can't…
Her: oohhh forget…there's no blame
Let's head somewhere that's safe
Him: To make this one a longer night

Were there signs before?
I never saw, flying or hiding, where?
Were there signs before?
The mission and the compromise
I must have been afraid
No one sang these words
The tremor of a broken voice can't prevent this blood
Were there signs before?
Beauty held behind
All we hoped vanished before us
Were there signs before?
Festering wounds in a fostering world and all illusion gone
Were there sings before?
I believe I remember the wind in my ear, the message so unclear
Were there sings before?
If there were they could not be caught so how could I have fought?

Embrace the fog
Take in the fog
Inhale the fog
Breathe in the fog

I've got you to dessert all this sorrow
I've got you to resign to this world
I can take you now to the outside
I can lead our procession to nowhere
I've got you to proclaim all the sorrow

Lyrics by Germán Vergara
Track Name: Melancholia
Comb my hair I see that you're crying
Wash my clothes, the blood stains are drying
Read me tales, the world will remain still
Teach me prayers I may need them one day
Call my friends they may think I'm not well

Watch me sleep, to be safe from those nightmares
Are those tears? Is it me that you cry for?
I can smell the fall. Is there life in the starred skies?
Sing me songs to carry all these memories

In blood that night I was naked and crying, your arms and a half blue sky
A child that's borne as fortune goes, that child will fear and suffer for love
We play outside cos' our fate is to face the empty space, and that's the we train
And my heart was fine but my soul was sick and dying
But my heart was fine so my soul was to heal and follow

I'm ready to grow, to fight and stand, to stay alive and feel
I'm ready to stand, to grow and fight to stay alive and…
I hear it coming, I think I should take that train

The world is a train travelling at the speed of sound
But you think it doesn't move
The world is a stone drifting at the speed of light
You're so sure it will always move

The sky looks the same but look at me I've changed
As all the stars up in the skies have kept distance from me
It may be too late but I am still awake
I never put my dreams to rest so now they can heal me

Is it worth the pain?
Is it worth the pain?
Is it worth it?
Is it worth it?

To my Mother

Lyrics by Germán & Sebastián Vergara